Blanes life list (French patch)


My second patch is a remote valley in the Aude department of South West France in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It is around 100 hectares of hilly maquis – mediterranean shrub/scrub (formerly cultivated) – with some Holm Oak, Kermes Oak, Box, and Aleppo Pine woodland. There are small streams during the wetter months, but otherwise the land is quite dry.

Here is a list of the birds I have recorded on the patch (not in the surrounding areas):

  1. Red-legged Partridge (Resident)
  2. Griffon Vulture (First seen Jan 2017)
  3. Golden Eagle (Seen throughout year)
  4. Short-toed Eagle (Very common summer migrant breeding raptor)
  5. Hen Harrier (Occasionally seen on patch)
  6. Common Buzzard (Common in area, occasionally seen in large numbers)
  7. Honey Buzzard (Seen once on passage – migrant)
  8. Sparrowhawk (Common resident)
  9. Goshawk (Probable resident – seen occasionally)
  10. Kestrel (Seen occasionally)
  11. Peregrine (Seen once)
  12. Wood Pigeon (Common resident – mainly in pines)
  13. Turtle Dove (Summer migrant)
  14. Cuckoo (Common summer migrant)
  15. Swift (Summer migrant)
  16. Hoopoe (Summer migrant)
  17. European Bee-eater (Summer migrant)
  18. Black Woodpecker (Seen once in winter)
  19. Great Spotted Woodpecker (Probable resident)
  20. Wryneck (Summer migrant – bred on patch)
  21. Woodlark (Common resident)
  22. Crag Martin (Summer migrant)
  23. Barn Swallow (Summer migrant)
  24. Dunnock (Resident)
  25. Robin (Common resident)
  26. Nightingale (Summer migrant breeder)
  27. Common Redstart (Summer migrant)
  28. Black Redstart (Very common resident)
  29. Stonechat (Summer migrant and likely resident)
  30. Song Thrush (Resident and winter migrant)
  31. Redwing (Winter migrant)
  32. Fieldfare (Winter migrant)
  33. Blackbird (Very common resident)
  34. Blackcap (Common resident)
  35. Whitethroat (Summer migrant)
  36. Sardinian Warbler (Common resident)
  37. Subalpine Warbler (Very common summer migrant breeder)
  38. Melodious Warbler (Summer migrant breeder)
  39. Chiffchaff (Summer migrant and probable resident)
  40. Firecrest (Very common resident)
  41. Wren (Very common resident)
  42. Spotted Flycatcher (Summer/passage migrant)
  43. Pied Flycatcher (Passage migrant)
  44. Great Tit (Common resident)
  45. Blue Tit (Common resident)
  46. Crested Tit (Resident)
  47. Long-tailed Tit (Resident)
  48. Short-toed Treecreeper (Resident)
  49. Jay (Resident)
  50. Red-billed Chough (Resident breeder)
  51. Carrion Crow (Only seen on fringes nearer villages)
  52. Raven (Resident breeder)
  53. Starling (Occasionally seen)
  54. Chaffinch (Resident breeder)
  55. Linnet (Probable resident)
  56. Goldfinch (Resident breeder)
  57. Siskin (single male seen December 2016)
  58. Greenfinch (Resident breeder)
  59. Serin (Summer migrant or resident breeder)
  60. Hawfinch (passage migrant?)
  61. Cirl Bunting (Resident)
  62. Rock Bunting (Seen in late March)