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Hipsta-playtime: clone wall

What’s this?

It may look like some kind of scientific image, graph paper or some faded tweed pattern, but it is actually a collage of over one million photographs. To be a little more precise, it is 1,048,576 collaged versions of two Hipstamatic photos (one of me and one of my partner) taken on my iPhone and then stuck together using another cool little app called, Diptic.

If you don’t believe me, then let’s work backwards together:

262,144 (precisely one quarter of the image above)… I know, it looks a bit samey, but bear with me.

65,536 – notice how you get some real texture at this level.

16,384 – some serious texture now. You can almost make out the component parts and maybe even some colour distinction.

4,096 – Golly gee! Is that a face I can see?

1,024 – OK, so loads of some dude’s head and then some funny green and blue image.

256 – Like an inverse jigsaw puzzle, the fewer the pieces, the clearer the picture.

64  – and so the detail starts to become clear.

16 (Aaah! Too much detail!)

4  – Lily and me, Me and LilyNote: this took about 15-20 minutes from picking up my iPhone to pressing ‘publish’ on this post. Photo apps are cool!