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The Elixir of Long Life

What should one drink on a hot and sticky Saturday night?

How about Chartreuse and tonic…

I used one part Chartreuse to nine parts tonic with lots of ice. For some reason I fancied it in a large wine bowl glass.

If you were to get the ratios the wrong way around -nine parts Chartreuse to one part tonic – then, at 55%, you could be in a little bit of trouble…

As far as liqueurs go, I am not sure that many can match the history of Chartreuse. The Chartreuse monks in France held an ancient manuscript with the wonder-drug known as the ‘Elixir of Long Life’. The complicated instructions from a long-dead apothecary were translated in 1737 and Chartreuse was born.

Apparently the monks risked the wrath of the most powerful man on earth when they refused to give the secret recipe to Napoleon following a direct order. They continue to distil Chartreuse to this day.

Photos taken on iPhone 4 with Hipstamatic


A hidden Purl…

I took these dusky Hipsta-shots in the hidden gem of a cocktail bar, called Purl. Imagine Victorian themed molecular mixology and you are getting close. You need to book a table and then order some rather ‘different’ cocktails such as a Martini with a twist of lemon “detonated” over your glass with a popped balloon, or heavily (and very literally!) smoke infused rums and gins.

But my favourite (see bottom right) was the rather pricey ‘Cigar Box’ with the exquisite Blue Label, sherry aged sugar and salted and bitter chocolate on the side. Most of the cocktails were very reasonably priced and even the Cigar Box was worth every penny – I highly recommend!