Secret London: Part X – East-end bike ride

Yesterday, I joined two friends for a bike ride by the river in South East London. Unfortunately, I did not take my DSLR as there were some fabulous things to photograph, but I took a few snaps with the iPhone… [don’t ask what I am doing in a concrete tunnel/box/thing below, I just thought it looked cool]

Me on a bike

For those of you who know London, we cycled from Southwark through Deptford to Greenwich and then on to Charlton before coming back via Greenwich and then under the Blackwall Tunnel and up the Isle of Dogs to Limehouse and then finishing at Shadwell.

Cycling up the hill at Greenwich to see this view was tough but worth the effort…


From the fine buildings of Greenwich, including the marvellous pub on the Thames, the Trafalgar Tavern …

Trafalgar Tavern

… through some of the rare remaining industrial parts of London…

Conveyor belt

Ant and Nick

There are still reminders of how significant the shipping and heavy transport industries were in the tidal areas of the eastern Thames…



Train track

The docklands and East-end of London has changed beyond most recognition in the last couple of decades…

Canary Wharf building site

Thames barrier

Canada Water


Canary Wharf

Next time, I will remember to take my proper camera.


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