Per ardua ad astra

Through adversity to the stars

A couple of days ago I fumbled to attach my zoom lens just in time to capture a Lancaster bomber accompanied by, what I think is, a Hawker Hurricane (and probably a Spitfire out of shot) before they disappeared over the rooftops…


The Lancaster is an important piece of engineering for my family, as both my grandfather and great uncle flew them in World War II. My grandfather survived the war, my great uncle did not.

A few hours after straining to capture this blurry shot, I also took this luckily timed shot of passing aircraft…

Virgin balloon


3 thoughts on “Per ardua ad astra

  1. Paul Lancaster

    My fathers return from India ended his WWII service and built our new home and named it “Per Ardua” above St. Cuthberts Shotley Bridge. My mothers surname was the same and his “Lancaster”


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