Down memory lane

I took this photo on the construction site of the Hoover Dam, Arizona/Nevada on 30 September 1932. 80 years ago today!

No. Wait a second. I’m not that old. I actually took it during a reconnaissance mission in Iraq in 2004…

As you have probably worked out already, that was a fib too. I have never been to Iraq. The reality is that I was disappointed I hadn’t taken any photos this weekend and so I looked back over my stockpile of the thousands of photos I have taken in the past couple of years and re-worked one which I haven’t used before.

The real photo was taken a year ago today on a strange sort of abandoned building site in Canary Wharf. Here is the original:

The photo is interesting enough on its own, but I prefer my, somewhat fantastic (in the literal, original sense of the word), alternatives.


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