Homage to Martin Parr


I took this photo of the German sausage sellers at the Kent Beer Festival. It is not a particularly good technical shot – the lady is slightly blurred as she moves to keep the sausages turning – but I quite like it.

I like the colours, I like the half-posed but still human feel, and most of all, I like the fact that it reminds me (albeit only a pale imitation) of the work of a contemporary photographic legend, Martin Parr.

I only post my own photos on this blog-site for a couple of obvious reasons, so I can’t display a wonderful gallery of Martin’s long and brilliant career, but I can advise you to look at some of his work: such as here where he shows his prowess as the capturer of socially insightful, voyeuristic, but masterfully realistic images.

You could take my word for it, or you could read the words and look at the photos on Martin’s own blog.


3 thoughts on “Homage to Martin Parr

  1. John Hosking

    Hi Martin
    Last time I met you was when you were living at your mothers place in Ashtead and you invited us to a plate of fried corgettes and tea. I feel the need to return the hospitality and invite you to a joint show I’m having with a friend of mine – you might find some subjects in the opening do – I can’t send you an invite so take this reply as your invite. It’s at Folkestone Library on Sun 4th Nov 2012 between 11.00am and 02.00pm. 


    1. iago80 Post author

      I believe you are confused. This was a blog post I wrote making reference to Martin Parr, the famous photographer. I am not Martin and Martin is unlikely to read your comment.

      Sorry! If you are trying to get in touch with Martin Parr the photographer, you would be better off contacting him through his website.



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