Walking IN the weather

Since I started taking photos I have become obsessed with sky. Few things annoy me more than taking a photo of a scene with a ‘white-out’ sky with solid but hazy cloud and glare.

Interesting clouds are a landscape photographer’s best friend – and the moodier the better. They can turn a relatively mundane scene into something worth capturing and looking at.

Weather is normally something that happens to us from high above. In mountains – like some of the alpine scenes I have posted here – you actually feel like you are ‘IN’ the weather; largely due to being surrounded by cloud or above cloud when you are at high altitude.

Mountains attract weather like magnets attract iron filings. I love the way clouds cling to the trees and rocks of a mountain and how quickly the weather can change when you are in the hills. You can very literally become enveloped in the cloud as it suddenly sweeps over a ridge or pass.

All photos have been taken using a DSLR, but edited on Instagram.


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