The Fordwich Trout

I took these photos yesterday in a sleepy town (Britain’s smallest) called Fordwich in Kent. The famous river Stour here is supposedly home to a legendary creature, the Fordwich Trout.

There is also in Kent, near to Canterbury, a trout called there a Fordidge Trout, a trout that bears the name of the town where it is usually caught, that is accounted the rarest of fish; many of them near the bigness of salmon, but known by their different colour; and in their best season they cut very white…” – Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler, 1653

Many an angler has sought to catch such a specimen…

Two of us trekked yesterday at water’s edge through meadow and bluebell wood in search for a trout so large that apparently only one of its kind has been landed with rod and line in decades…

We were also tempted by a carp lake…

But in the end, we succumbed to the lure and hook of Kentish ale in a local pub instead and so the Fordwich Trout legend remains intact and untouched.


4 thoughts on “The Fordwich Trout

  1. Darren Cafferty

    I live locally and fished for the elusive fordidge trout and does it exist? Yes, I think so for once in 1990 I hooked an absolute monster a bit further upstream in Canterbury which was at least a 10lb Brown but I was using 2lb line and a 18 hook as I was going for some lovely big Dace at the time. I played him out but just as I was about to net him he used a last reserve of energy to flip out of the water and become unhooked, to say I was pissed off was an understatement!!! I hooked him again at a later date but no joy, he would only take on the lightest of tackle. Long live the Fordidge Trout!


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