Celebrating Shiitake

A little known fact for you: shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated in far eastern countries for around 1000 years.

A better known fact for you: shiitake mushrooms are delicious!

Here is one way they can be enjoyed:

fry some onion and garlic…

“wait a second! What’s that cheeky little half-finished cocktail doing in the shot?”


OK. That ‘cheeky little cocktail’ is a Dubonnet Negroni. You already know that I am a fan of Dubonnet. Well, another cocktail to enjoy if you want something a little more hardcore and bitter than a Dubonnet Cocktail is the Negroni version. It is simply one part gin (preferably not from a £100 bottle of discontinued limited edition ‘Crown Jewel’ like I used – I ran out of normal gin, I wasn’t just showing off), one part Campari, and one part Dubonnet (or sweet vermouth in a normal Negroni) stirred over ice and strained.

End of digression*

So… once the onions are soft and going slightly golden I then add the roughly chopped shiitake. Then add cream (I like a mixture of double cream and full fat milk, but then I don’t really do diet food), a generous pinch or three of nutmeg, a bit of oregano, and then season very generously with salt and pepper. Simmer it down to a nice rich mixture and then serve over pasta of your choice (I used large fresh penne, but tagliatelle could be lovely) and… that’s it. I just made up the recipe as I went along, and it was delicious and super simple!



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