Why on earth have I started blogging?

“Why have you started a blog?”

Because I like commenting on everything. This is my way of capturing some of that and experimenting to see whether it is of any interest for anyone else.

I have many geeky traits and this will be a cathartic way to express them publicly. But no, dear reader, I do not intend to turn you into my therapist. This is about unashamedly flaunting geekery and trivia as if it really matters (which, by the way, I think it does!)

“Shut up! You’re not a real geek! “

Err… yes I am. Here is the proof:

  • I am a birdwatcher. I may not be a great ‘birder’, I am not quite dedicated enough to be a ‘twitcher’, and I am most certainly not qualified enough to be called an ornithologist [I recommend Simon Barnes’ brilliantly witty book explaining the difference between the four], but I do regularly go out on my own with a pair of bins (yes I do call binoculars, ‘bins’) and/or a camera and gaze for hours at trees or water trying to ‘capture’ new birds for my lists (see below on lists).
  • Exhibit ‘A’ m’lud: (That’s a Serin for those of you who care).
  • I am an amateur photographerWhilst sometimes a noble and rather cool hobby, my style is to walk on my own for hours (do you notice a theme developing?) taking pictures of run-down parts of London.
  • Exhibit ‘B’:
  • I am slightly obsessive about making lists and cataloguing things. I have spreadsheets on my laptop that include: a beer knock-out competition; a preference matrix of all of the Coen Brothers’ films; and a list of every species of bird I have seen since I started counting a few years ago.
  • Exhibit ‘C’: I think this list is evidence enough y’honour.
  • I collect books. Preferably older than 50 years old, preferably by great English, European, or South American authors, preferably first edition, and preferably books that have that lovely bookie smell.
  • Exhibit ‘D’:
  • I have seen every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In order. I am not ashamed to say that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is my hero. However, I cannot speak Klingon (other than the odd word like: ‘Gagh‘ – Klingon delicacy of live worms of course) and I don’t attend Trekker conferences as I think that tips over the geek boundary into the land of ‘Nerd-dom’.
  • Exhibit ‘E’: Defendant has been heard quoting things like: “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra“.
  • I have been known to undertake research into the capital strength of foreign banks FOR FUN! However, this does start to overlap with my professional life, which is out of bounds for this blog, so I shan’t say any more.
  • Exhibit ‘D’: Exhibit removed at defendant’s own request. “It’s my blasted blog dag nammit, and I’ll cry if I want to!”

“OK. Point taken. You’re a geek. Is anyone going to want to read the wafflings of a geek?”

Quite possibly not, but I will mostly try and keep my posts short and punchy (realise I am failing here, but this is my first post so give me a break!) and I think everyone appreciates a little bit of geekery and trivia now and again. I may flag new posts on Facebook to try and lure people in and I reckon my mother and partner will have a read (or I will have a proper woogie!)

“How do we know that you aren’t going to write four posts and then leave a gap of about two months, write one more post explaining how busy you are, and then give up?”

You don’t, that could very probably happen!

“At least you are honest. OK. Entertain me!”

I’ll try.


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